Electrical & Electronics Engineering



To become a centre of excellence in education and research in the field of Electrical Engineering, create excellent facilities for learning and produce technically competent Electrical Engineers by imparting sound knowledge.


• To impart curricular and co-curricular technical knowledge to the students to turn out competent and well groomed engineers.

• To produce Engineering Professionals adequately prepared to meet the requirements of the industry and also face challenges of the society.

• To motivate students and faculty members to acquire new knowledge by engaging in research leading to innovative projects in cutting edge technology.

• To promote academic growth by offering post graduate programs and research activity.

Highlights of the Department

National Development in the field of energy plays a vital role. This role of National Development is closely associated with the development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. Everyone is familiar with the functions that electricity can perform. Human life cannot be pleasant in the absence of electricity. It helps in daily need of our life such as heating, cooling, traction and countless other purposes. The study of electricity has been attracting the attention of scientists and engineers for hundreds of years. Theories have been developed through experiment and by observations of its behavior Our Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department is dedicated to imparting the best possible engineering knowledge and skills to its students and prepare them for playing an effective role in the development of the nation.

Increasing demand in the field of Electronics we have introduced this new course, In this fully automated world, this course which is a complete blend of technical subjects involving both Electronics and Elctrical areas seems to find its own place in providing the students with adequate knowledge and expertise.

A visiting professor of Electrical Engineering engages theory classes supported by junior faculty and a laboratory assistant. Basic Electrical Engineering lab is fully furnished and well equipped with state of art machinery and experimental set ups. The laboratory has a student equipment ratio of 1:2. The major lab equipments and panels are fabricated by our own faculty members. Other accessories like Energy meter, Voltmeter, Tachometer, wattmeter and Transformer are also available to support the experiments.

Our department has well established laboratories with good infrastructure, and qualified faculty members to impart enough practical knowledge to the students. Our aim is to shape up the students technically to face this modern world with sound knowledge and efficiency.

Scope And Objective

Electrical and Electronics department is one of the recently introduced branches of Engineering in Elctronics area emphasizing the importance of Electronics in the Elctrical field.

Since Electronics being the order of the day, it is very much necessary for the young minds to get accustomed with the latest developments in Electronics field. Moreover Elctrical being one of the most important sought branches in Industrial point of view, a combination of Electronics and Elctrical would fetch high dividends for the students who take up Elctrical and Electronics as their career course.

Focus Areas

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is a versatile field focuses on areas like Telecommunication, Robotics, Biomedical, Computer Control in Process applications, VLSI,Power Electronics & Drives, High Voltage, Process Control,Power Systems etc.

Job Oppurtunities

Elctrical and Electronics Engineers have a bright future ahead of them as they are needed by almost all Industries in various cadres like Design, Development, Fabrication, Inspection, Quality control, Maintenance and Service and so on.

Most Software MNC's also feel the importance of Automation in Electronics background and they are looking for recruiting Electronics and Electrical Engineers for their mutual concerns.

Based on all the above aspects, our college is offering a B Tech. course in Elctrical and Electronics with an intake of 60 students. The currently effectively functioning undergraduate course in Elctrical and Elctronics Engineering department along with this newly added course with always strive hard to serve the student community in all aspects.