Mathematics is the key subject in Engineering & Technology. It is the language of every science. There are number of efficient & dynamic teachers to impart quality teaching to the students.

Gauss has called mathematics the “Queen of the Sciences.” It has provided powerful intellectual tools that have made possible tremendous advances in modern science and technology. The Department of Mathematics provides courses of study that introduce students to the fundamentals of mathematics and allow them to master the most important parts of the subject, both pure and applied.

The Objectives of the Department

To provide strong Mathematical background to Engineering Graduates to cope up with the needs of emerging technology at National and International levels.

  • To provide basic and advanced skills to students in Computer Science & Information Technology enabling self-reliance and excellence in capabilities.
  • To enable students to play vital roles in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics at the local level and to remain globally competitive.
  • To create computer software and mathematical modeling to cater to the growing needs of Industries/Research establishments.
  • To undertake significant research projects individually and in collaboration with other Departments / Institutions / Industries.
  • To popularize and project in proper perspective the scope of Mathematics and Computer Science so as to attract young talents to take up teaching and research career in Computer and Mathematical Sciences.