Training and Placement Department


To assist in development of our students by providing balanced set of technical skills,interpersonal skills and inculcate a positive attitude to life.

The forge Technology & Industry alliance for the institute and act as a nodal body for the institute to provide quality technical manpower to suit every organizational need.


  • To achieve sustained excellence in training & placement and provide adequate orientation for our students.
  • To act as a single window for career counseling and higher studies in Engineering & Technology fields.
  • To set up adequate training infrastructure for conducting value added training to build "Technical, Functional, Behavioral" competency for our students.
  • The institute best practices in conducting and coordinating the campus placement process for industries and the institute.
  • To build up a centralized computer database of students of all branches with an orientation to service industry requirements in queue response mode.
  • To appoint competent training agencies to develop over all skills of the students.


SYNERGY has always enjoyed special preference of TOP Indian recruiters on account of its excellent performance sustained overa a period of time and the brand image it has built over the years.

Working in some of India's top corporates and contributing at various levels,the Institute's Alumni form a sustainable competitive advantage for the organizations that recruit them.Over the years, the market for the institute's graduates has witnessed significant growth as top recruiters have rated the institute highly for providing quality technical talents and freshly placed recruits continue to deliver on their promises and satishfy their employers.

Placements at the institute are handled entirly by the T&P department and students from the corporate interactions during the year to the placement week,every year. Even though the placements are spread over March to September, recruiters gauge and hire students throughout the year.


Email: [email protected]

Contact Persons:

Mr. Debasis Dash
Sr.Training & Placement Officer
Synergy Institute of Technology

PH: (0671) 2356150, 2356151