To understand Engineering & Technology in a captivating manner fundamental science is essential in engineering colleges. Physics is one of the core subjects that has vast applications in more or less all the engineering disciplines during 1 year and 2 year of studies. Physics majors seek to understand the laws that govern the universe and use on the general application of mathematical and scientific principles of physics to the analysis and evaluation of engineering problems. A major section of Physics covers Waves & Oscillations, Optics, Electromagnetism, Quantum mechanics and Physics of semiconductor devices.

Students will attend labs where they will see physics in action and discussion sections. Physics department has a laboratory of 175 sqm with its dark room. Experiment set-ups are available in the department for Sessional work to substantiate the theory being taught in the classes to standard the students during 1/2 semesters as per the BPUT syllabus. It is equipped with all the apparatus required as per the BPUT curriculum. Adequate number of sets of each experiment is available so as to accommodate 30 students at a time in the laboratory. The dark room of the physics lab is well equipped to conduct optical experiments.

A comprehensive demonstration carried out by the teachers for each experiment to help the students in better understanding of the subject. Besides that in every practical class there is a viva-voce test of the concerned experiment to asses the understanding of the students.

The Department also provides models question papers to the students and examination tips before each semester examination to promote confidence in students to eliminate examination phobia.