Consequent upon restructuring of the syllabus by Biju Patnaik University of Technology in 2003-2004, Communicative English and Business Communication in English were introduced in the 1st Semester and 2nd semester courses respectively.

The lab facilities individual learning thereby promoting learner independence instilling confidence in students who acquire rich linguistic abilities at their own pace.

Accordingly our institute installed a communicative Language Center to train students in Communicative English Laboratory and Communicative Laboratory.

The rationale/objectives of Communicative English and Business Communication in English are as follows:

It is a practice oriented, need-based, functional Communicative Course. The aim of the Course is to develop the students' skills of communication in listening, speaking and writing. The course also seeks to develop their habit of reading in an effective manner. Reading of newspaper, magazines and books in a free and extensive manner to consolidate the skill already achieved is also encouraged. Care is taken to enable students to achieve the skills of effective communication through a more interactive process of teaching/learning in the laboratory.

The Department of English is dedicated to the study of the literatures and cultures of those parts of the world in which English is the primary language, and to the study of the history and structure of the English language itself. Although committed to no single method or approach, the department encourages its with communicative English through computer software that emphasize on linguistics and phonetics.