Hall of Residence

Hall of Residence

Hostel arrangements have been made for boarding and lodging of students near to the institution. The institution has two hostels, one each for Boys and Girls. The girls hostels is located at Cuttack at a distance of 15 kms from the college and boys hostel is located at college campus. Institution bus transport provides to the students from hostel and back. Location, seating capacity of the hostels and other facilities are as follows:

Boys Hostel: Located at College Campus
Superintendent : Mr. Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
Seating capacity: 300
Facilities : Library, Common Room with TV, Computer center with 24×7 internet connection, Newspapers & Magazines, Indoor games, Mess, Security and caretaker

Girls Hostel: Located at Khapuria (In front of Ruchi Spices), Nuapada, Cuttack
Superintendent : Ms. Tapasi Das, Lecturer in CSE dept
Seating capacity: 100
Facilities : Library, Common Room with TV, Computer center with 24×7 internet connection, Newspapers, Indoor Games, Mess , Security and caretaker

Hostel Rules

  1. No candidate shall be admitted into a hostel unless he/she has been admitted into any class of the institute.
  2. Seats are allotted to change his seat without the permission of the superintendent. No broader is permitted to change his /her seat without the permission of the superintendent.
  3. No student is entitled to retain accommodation in the hostels beyond the normal period of the Programme, without prior permission.
  4. Astudent will take possession of the room after singing the inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room. They are responsible for any damage to the furniture, fittings, walls etc. of the room allotted to them.
  5. Boarders must observe study hours and strict silence during these hours. Playing musical instruments, creating any kind of noise or disturbance during these hours are strictly forbidden.
  6. For leave of absence from the hostel, boarders shall have to obtain prior written permission of hostel superintendent.
  7. Boarders shall not allow any outsider to stay in the hostel premises. Keeping guests without permission of the hostel superintendent is liable for punishment.
  8. All cases of illness of any boarder should be immediately reported to the hostel superintendent for necessary action.
  9. Messing is provided in the hostel and is compulsory for all the boarders. No student is allowed to take his meals outside. To stop meals in the hostel in case like absence/sickness etc. the hostel superintendent is required to be informed in time.
  10. No boarder will be allowed to enter into the dining hall except during routine timings fixed by the superintendent.
  11. Any boarder expelled from the hostel has to get a hostel clearance from the superintendent after which he/she can leave the hostel.
  12. Any boarder may be expelled from the hostel if he/she is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline by he superintendent any time.
  13. Ragging of any kind by seniors in the hostel in any form is prohibited as an offence. Any body detected in the act of ragging or reported to be indulging in ragging is liable to be summarily expelled.
  14. Quarrels and disputes with fellow boarders should be avoided. They must be amicably settled or brought to the notice of hostel superintendent.
  15. Any boarder found guilty of having committed breach of rules shall be liable to be punished as per the statues.
  16. Boarders should take permission from Hostel superintendent for absence from the hostel overnight or for a longer period. They should not stay outside the hostel after 6pm.
  17. Boarders shall keep the furniture, electrical fittings, etc in good condition. Cost will be realized, in case of damage or breakage.
  18. Consumption of liquor, narcotics and gambling in the hostels and inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  19. Boarders are not allowed to use electrical appliances such as heater, cooker, etc.
  20. Boarders are responsible for their belonging in the hostel. They should not keep costly things in their rooms.
  21. Boarders shall treat their fellow boarders' college staff, Hostel staff, mess staff with dignity and decorum.
  22. All cases of medical emergency or any other emergency must be immediately reported to the Hostel Superintendent or the Administrative Officer of the Institution.
  23. Hostel dues have to be regularly paid as per the directives issued by the Superintendent.
  24. Without prior approval of the Superintendent no meeting can be held in the hostel.
  25. Shouting and using slangs are strictly prohibited.


  1. Gents are not allowed to enter into the girls hostels.
  2. Visiting hours for the Girls hostel are from 4.30P.M. to 6.30 P.M.
  3. All the residents of the Girls hostel should be inside the hostel by 6.30P.M. They are not allowed to stay outside beyond.6.30P.M.
  4. Only lady family visitors are allowed to enter into the girl’s hostel
  5. Parents should furnish beforehand the names of such visitors to the Hostel authorities
  6. When the boarders go out they must sign the register mentioning the time of departure and arrival.